Jason worked with me as Producer for my feature film, “Twin Cities”. Having worked extensively as a film director, writer, DP, UPM, and editor on previous projects, Jason brings much more to the table in terms of breadth of knowledge and technical capabilities than most film producers. So there are very few film production issues (and there’s always issues) for which Jason does not have an immediate answer – either through knowledge gained from experience or through tapping into his vast connections in the filmmaking community.

In addition to his impressive problem solving capabilities, Jason is just a doer – he simply does whatever it takes to get the job done, which is exactly the kind of person you need in your corner to see a challenging project through to successful completion.

Dave Ash, director at 355 Productions

Jason is my go to person for film production. I especially am thankful that I can go to him and know he will give his truthful professional opinion in a respectful and project oriented way.
He brings his years of production experience and resources to all projects. As a producer, he is adept at scheduling, setting and fulfilling deadlines for film, commercials and industrials. Overall, Jason is approachable, creative, fun and very talented!

Ingrid Moss, Producer / Actor and Host / Social Media Manager

Jason is a consummate┬áprofessional with excellent and broad reaching talents in directing, editing, producing and camera work. He adapts to both small and large projects and everything in between. Jason’s diverse experience and optimistic demeanor make him a wonderful person to work with!

Amanda Day, Actress/ Voice Over Talent

Jason has great energy and new ideas! He is a hard worker and able to multi-task to accomplish what needs to be done on any film project. He is good with people and able to work with people at various levels.

Cheri Anderson, Motion Pictures and Film Consultant

Jason is incredibly passionate about his work which always shows up in the final outcome. he is extremely creative and hard working.

christina habibi, Artist at Habibi Art

In 2012 Jason created a video for me and my sister to enter into a contest to win $25,000 of Turnstone office furniture. We had a big story to tell in a very short period of time and Jason helped us tell it. We also had a very short time to shoot, edit and submit the video and he pulled off the impossible. Jason not only created a video which met our needs and expectations, he brought so much more to the project with creative shot angles, lighting and editing. Because of his expertise, experience, efficiency and creativity we won the contest! We recommend Jason whenever we can and are ALWAYS happy with his results! To see the video Jason shot which won us $25,000 worth of Turnstone furniture.

Jessica Brekke, Real Estate Administrative Assistant at Gaughan Companies

Jason is a state-of-the-art Producing machine. He understand the layout of a set and understands what needs to be done in order to complete a shoot on time, under budget and how to make a crew more efficient. He is very open-minded and understanding of your needs as a director and puts his heart and soul into the projects he works on. A real gem and understanding person.

Alex Kohnstamm, Creative Director at Kobamm Productions, LLC

Jason is an extremely talented professional. His vision is always right on and he is an extremely serious taskmaster. His work ethic is top notch. I consider it a privilege to have worked with him.

Janet Fogg, Actress/Voice Over Professional

Jason is incredibly focused on the set, very easygoing to work with and yet very precise and crystal clear about what he wants. Jason is a total pro and will give you outstanding work.

Diana Wilde, Actor at Bloomington Theatre and Art Center

I’ve worked with Jason Schumacher on a number of video projects and live event recordings. He has an artist’s eye and is a skilled videographer and editor. When I did the sound design for Jason’s feature film, The Telephone Game, he was an excellent director to work with. He was great about communicating his vision for the film while still being very open to my own ideas. Jason is also well connected in the Twin Cities film community, and he has helped me expand my network.

Charlie McCarron, Composer & Media Producer