Here is a collection of some of the music videos I have directed. I look forward to working with more artists in various genres and helping them share their music through video.  Enjoy!

Nathan Eliot – Brain Break – 2014

I shot, directed, and edited this documentary music video. It is a behind-the-scenes look at the artist’s process and the process of recording and mixing an album.

EMOT – Garbage Tones – 2014

I created this moody, experimental musical video with digital graphics artist, Riley Lester. “To give their fans a taste of what to expect from their new album, the group released this enthralling video for “Garbage Tones.” The clip was done by Jason P. Schumacher and Riley Lester, and perfectly captures the leisurely elegance of the track itself.” … Continue reading EMOT – Garbage Tones – 2014

With a Gun for a Face – Parade of Horribles – 2012

I directed and edited this disturbing and controversial music video.  It was voted one of Vita.MN’s Top 10 Best Local Music Videos of 2012. Scientists conduct experiments on the band in laboratory, leaving the band members tortured and disfigured, as they continue to perform. City Pages Article about Parade of Horribles. WARNING: Contains disturbing images   Listen to … Continue reading With a Gun for a Face – Parade of Horribles – 2012