The Telephone Game (feature) – 2009/ 2015

The Telephone Game is a feature film shot with no script. I wanted to use improvisation to explore the unpredictable world of theatre, which required a lot of trust between the actors and myself.  It’s easily my most challenging project to date, but also one of the most rewarding.


*2009 was the initial release date.  I recut the film and polished it up for a re-release in 2015, for online distribution.

TheTelephoneGamePoster“The cast was incredible.  The cinematography in the film is beautifully done.  There is great attention to detail, making for a very atmospheric and genuine film.”  – The Critics Word

“[The Telephone Game] provides some serious food for thought in the midst of a massive cinematic experiment.” – Rogue Cinema

“If you get the opportunity to see The Telephone Game, do it.” – Almost Diamonds

  • Winner – Best Cinematography: Minneapolis Underground Film Festival – 2010
  • Official selection: 
    • Edina Film Festival – 2011

Synopsis: Theatre director Marco DeGarr must struggle to keep his artistic vision afloat above the turbulent waters of communication breakdown in this dream-like independent drama. When Marco casts himself in the coveted lead role and falls for the lead actress, the charming Zelphia, the production begins to spiral out control. Self-righteous understudies try to steal their roles and producers begin to question Marco’s motives while no one seems understands what the play is about!


Here is a link to The Telephone Game Homepage.