Stimulus (feature) – 2007

Made during my time in film school, Stimulus was my first feature film.  It was an ambitious undertaking and my first experience with many things that are now almost 2nd nature; casting, scheduling a film, working with department heads, etc.  It was an incredible experience that taught me a lot.



  • Official selection: Big Damn Film Festival – 2007
    • Official selection: Toronto IndieCan Film Festival – 2007

Synopsis: For most people, the nebulous time between high-school and college is a prime opportunity to develop and implement a plan for the rest of their lives. For Simon and Bert, it is much easier to spend the time aimlessly taking courses at the local community college or serving coffee for minimum wage. As the summer goes on, Bert’s high school nostalgia intensifies and he becomes infatuated with 17 year old Darla. Meanwhile, Simon makes an effort to ‘grow up’ in order to impress Wendy, an outgoing young woman who frequents the coffee shop where he and Bert spend most of their time. Much to Bert’s dismay, this quest for maturity gets Simon entangled in a pyramid scheme, forcing them to reconsider precisely what their friendship means, as well as what kind of people they are developing into.

Stimulus on IMDB



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